Remortgage Fees

Our Service

We provide residential conveyancing services in England and Wales for parties who wish to remortgage an existing property with a new lender. We conduct relevant searches, and prepare and approve the relevant documents.  We will then register the new lender’s mortgage.

Fixed Fees

We charge legal fees as a fixed sum, except where we discuss this with you in advance.

Legal Fees

Our average remortgage amount is approximately £125,000. Our legal fees for a standard house remortgage of this amount are £505 plus £101 VAT. We will also charge for the following as additional legal fees; bank transfer £30, on-line registration of your title at the Land Registry £30, ID verification £36, file storage fee £42.00 (all inclusive of VAT).

The examples given are for a typical standard remortgage, with no complications. A higher or lower charge may apply if your instruction involves, for example, a higher or lower remortgage amount, an apartment, a management company, shared ownership, buy-to-let, unregistered title, a transfer of equity.

We will always give you an individual cost estimate tailored to the personal circumstances of your remortgage.

Unforeseen complications, not known at the outset may be discovered as your remortgage progresses. We will provide you with a list of these items and we will always tell you promptly if any of these items should come up.

If the property is an apartment or a house with management company involvement our standard charges as above will apply however there will be an additional legal fee of £300 plus VAT due to the additional work involved with these transactions.

We will quote the rate of VAT current at the time of providing you with an estimate.


In addition to our legal fees we will charge for disbursements. These are items paid by us to third parties that relate to your matter, for example Land Registry fees.

For a typical standard house re-mortgage, with no complications, the disbursements will be:

  • Land Registry Searches £11
  • Land Registry registration fee £30

Please also note that if the property is leasehold or has an amenity charge the landlord and/or management company will probably charge the following fees:-

  • Notice of Transfer-  the fee can be between £250-£300 plus VAT per notice (they may charge an additional fee if we also need to serve a notice of charge)
  • Deed of Covenant fee- this can typically range between £250-£300 plus VAT and it is possible that more than one Deed of Covenant may be required.
  • Certificate of Compliance fee – this can vary between £250-£300 plus VAT and more than one may be required.

These fees vary from property to property and it is unlikely we will be able to provide them at the time of instruction. We will provide an accurate figure once we have received the documentation to enable us to do so.

Disbursements are likely to be different for each customer as they depend on individual circumstances, and what becomes known during the transaction.

We will always give you an individual cost estimate tailored to the personal circumstances of your remortgage.

Referral arrangements

We have referral arrangements with a number of estate agents and brokers. If we pay a referral fee, we will tell you.

For a typical sale or purchase, the referral fee will on average be £125. Our standard charges may be amended where you are a customer referred to us by an internet referrer such as Simplify.